A good person can be called a person who exists for the good of others

Note 4. To the Subsection “3.2 Absolute Standard

With regard to the universal standard, Rev. Sun Myung Moon said, “We must recognize that there is a universal principle involved, regardless of what race you are. You can see that the universe has certain fundamental laws, and anyone who violates them will be judged accordingly, regardless of his race or stature. What is the spirit of that constitution of the universe? It aims to preserve or uphold the men and women who try to live for others. It would also try to eliminate people who take advantage of others and seek to benefit only themselves. This is why we can say that good people are those who exist for the sake of others, and good deeds are those actions which benefit others.” God’s Will and the World (New York: HSA-UWC, 1985), 497