Intelligence in nature: perspectives on living energy and consciousness in matter

Note 4. To the Subsection “1. Sungsang and Hyungsang

On this matter, David Bohm of London University said, “There may be a sort of living energy in all matter that manifests in us in certain ways which it does not do in the rock. If that were the case, if a sort of intelligence were generalized throughout nature, then the speculative proposal that inanimate matter might respond to our thought is not so illogical.” The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes, ed. Ken Wilber (Shambhala/Boston & London: New Science Library, 1985), 211.

Also, Jean E. Charon, a theoretical physicist at Paris University, said that electrons and photons themselves are microcosms, equipped with mechanisms of memory and thinking. See Mitsuo Ishikawa, The World View of New Science (in Japanese) (Tokyo: Tama Shuppan, 1985), 178-79.