The family as the center of human love and education

Note 1. To the Subsection “2. A Harmonious Being of Yang and Yin

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon has stated this idea as follows: “For a man, his wife represents mother, elder sisters, younger sisters, and, indeed, all women of the world. To love a wife who has such significance means to love all races of humanity, all women, and one’s mother, elder sister, and younger sister in the home. Accordingly, the family is the ‘basic training’ center that educates people in human love. Therefore, to be trusted and to live a happy life in a family means to live a happy life as the center of the universe and to be situated at the center of happy love. There is nothing meaningful without love.
Likewise for a woman, her husband represents father, elder brothers, younger brothers, and all men on earth. This is our ideal of the family.”
God’s Will and the World (New York: The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, 1985), 446.