The four stages of creation in aesthetics and Unification Thought

Note 11. To the Subsection “Technique and Materials

Generally, in aesthetics the process of creation is divided into the following four stages:
(1) Creative feeling: the state of the fermentation of vague feelings;
(2) Conception: the stage where a plan of a work of art looms;
(3) Internal refinement: the stage where a clear plan is developed;
(4) External perfection, finishing: the stage where a work of art is concretely produced with specific materials and techniques.
The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics (in Japanese), ed. Toshio Takeuchi (Tokyo: Iwanami-shoten, 1965), 159.

Looking from the viewpoint of Unification Thought, (1), (2), and (3) correspond to the formation of the inner four position foundation, and (4), to the formation of the outer four position foundation.