David Bohm’s exploration of the realm of consciousness and the Theory of Oneness

Note 9. To the Subsection “Difference and Homogeneity between Sungsang and Hyungsang

A famous British theoretical physicist, David Bohm, explored the realm of consciousness and formulated his unique cosmology. He said, “If the immanence is pursued more and more deeply in matter, I believe we may eventually reach the stream which we also experience as mind, so that mind and matter fuse.” The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes, ed. Ken Wilber (Shambhala/Boston & London: New Science Library, 1985), 193. We can see that Bohm, while exploring the realm of consciousness from the perspective of a natural scientist, has reached the same conclusion as that of the Theory of Oneness advocated by Unification Thought.