Education of the mind and education of the heart from the point of view of Pestalozzi

Note 5. To the Subsection “Pestalozzi’s View of Education

On intellectual education (mental education) and moral-religious education (heart education), Pestalozzi wrote the following:

“Originally, intellectual education is not at all suitable for producing innocence and child-like feelings within ourselves, which produce all the methods that enhance ourselves to higher, divine feelings. As a thorn does not bear figs and a thistle does not bear grapes, so mere spiritual education, separate from heart education, does not bear the fruit of love. Since spiritual education is a victim of the selfishness and weakness that arise as a result of this separation, it has the cause of degradation in itself, and exhausts itself by its own power, just as a flame burns out as soon as it is taken out of the fuel container.”
Spirit and Heart in the Method (Japanese version) (Meiji-Tosho: Tokyo, 1980), 122.

In Swans’ Song (1826), which he wrote just before his death, he explained spiritual power, heart power, and technical power, and clarified that love is the force that unites them.