Five types of time: understanding different temporal dimensions in Divine Principle

Note 10. To the Subsection “3.3. Forms of Circular Motion

Here, let me explain the types of time for your reference. Divine Principle often mentions the providential periods of 21 days, 40 days, 210 years, 400 years, and so forth, in the providential history of restoration. Such providential periods are different from ordinary time-periods. In order to clarify this fact, the different types of time should be examined. There are five types of time as follows:

(1) Physical Time: This is the time observed in repetitive circular motion in non-living beings, caused by physical force.

(2) Biological Time: This is the time observed during the growth of living beings, and the repetition of the life cycle (the succession of generations), brought about by the life force.

(3) Historical Time: This is the time required in the formation and development of a culture, brought about by the human spirit.

(4) Providential Time: This is the time assigned for providential figures, in pursuit of their mission, to accomplish the providence of restoration with faith and through accomplishing their portion of responsibility.

(5) Ideal Time: This is the time necessary for the realization of true love, which is God’s ideal of creation. It is the time in which people are to realize the three great blessings.

Thus, there are five types of time. It can be said that most human beings living on earth, live in one or two, at the most, of these five types of time. The people who live without a sense of purpose or mission, but only for the sake of food, clothing, and shelter, and to feed their children, are living in biological time in much the same way that animals do. Those who are contributing to cultural development with their spirit are people who live in historical time.
Those who are dedicating themselves to the realization of God’s providence to save humankind are the people who live in providential time. In the future, when God’s providence of restoration has been completed, and the ideal world has come, the whole of humankind will live in ideal time.