Reconciling homogeneity and reciprocity: understanding Sungsang and Hyungsang in Divine Creation

Note 21. To the Subsection “Give and Receive Action between Sungsang and Hyungsang

When we mention the “reciprocal relationship between Sungsang and Hyungsang,” how can we reconcile it with the “essential homogeneity of Sungsang and Hyungsang”? In the section “Content of the Original Image” I explained about “the difference and homogeneity between Sungsang and Hyungsang,” and said that Sungsang and Hyungsang, as the correlative attributes in God’s creation, are essentially homogeneous, since they are the two correlative attributes into which the absolute attribute has separated. Here, another question may be raised:
If Sungsang and Hyungsang are essentially homogeneous, Sungsang is Hyungsang, and Hyungsang is Sungsang, and the formation of the reciprocal relationship, and the give and receive action between them would become impossible, wouldn’t it? This is not the case, however.
When Sungsang and Hyungsang are separated from the absolute attribute and become correlative attributes, Sungsang and Hyungsang assume different attributes in addition to having common aspects; therefore, reciprocal relationships, and give and receive action between them, are possible.