Three stages of growth and the number three in divine principle

Note 37. To the Subsection “4.1. What Is Origin, Division, and Union Action?

It is written in the Divine Principle that everything reaches perfection by Notes for Chapter passing through three ordered stages of growth: the formation stage, the growth stage, and the completion stage (DP , 41-42). The three stages of growth originated from the number three in God, as it is written in the Divine Principle that “God is the one absolute reality in whom the dual characteristics interact in harmony; therefore, He is a Being of the number three” (DP , 41). This statement is the prototype for the four position foundation in which the center is the absolute, or Heart, the correlative elements of subject and object are engaged in the give and receive action, and the result is harmony or union; at the same time it is the prototype for the origin, division, and union action (Chung-Boon-Hap action) in which the absolute reality corre-sponds to origin, the dual characteristics correspond to division, and harmony corresponds to union.